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Our tips to stop you from overheating this summer


Finally the sun is shining and it feels like summer is upon us – in true British style, without warning, temperatures have soared over the past week. The sunshine is totally welcome but the sudden increase in temperature leaves our bodies struggling to cope through hot days and nights (as a side note, does anyone else feel like it’s actually hotter once you’re in bed at night?)

You may have only just found out you’re pregnant, but already you’ll be running hot. As early as 11 weeks into pregnancy our body temperatures increase, making us feel warmer. You can blame increases in blood levels and the fact that your body has to work that little bit harder. Without lecturing you, it’s important to remain well hydrated as there are quite a few side effects – you can get cramping that will feel similar to period pains if you’re not drinking enough water.

Stay hydrated

  • We are told over and over again, even when we aren’t in the family way. However, dehydration is the main cause of swelling in your hands and feet when you’re pregnant. With an ever expanding waist, the last thing you’ll want is extra padding. Try to drink water, rather than fizzy drinks or fruit squashes. Both are packed with sugar and most fizzy drinks contain caffeine, which is a diuretic and will dehydrate you further.
  • Unfortunately, some of you may be prone to pregnancy acne. Drinking plenty of water will help this, as it flushes out toxins and boosts you immune system. Water is also great for your digestion and can help with heartburn caused by your growing little one.
  • The dreaded morning sickness carries risks of dehydration too, but drinking litres of water may be the last thing you want. You could always try cutting up some ginger and putting this in your water. Leave it for a few minutes to infuse and you’ve got a natural, hydrating quick fix (we wanted to say cure, but can’t promise that!).
  • Try filling a spray bottle with crushed ice & water and leave this in your handbag. A quick spritz on your face, arms and legs whilst you’re sat in the shade and you’ll cool right down. You can get the small bottles from most supermarkets but we know for sure that Boots sells them (only in the UK, we think).
  • Natural fabrics also help you keep cool and you can take the opportunity to have a good spending spree. With the current trend for over-sized clothing, you’ll be able to take advantage of high street options as well as investing in pieces that will last you beyond your pregnancy. Try pieces in cotton and linen in particular – Beaumont Organics have a beautiful new SS14 collection that you really should check out. Although not maternity or nursing, you could team most pieces with one of our nursing camis if you’re worried about your tummy showing.
  • Fruit and vegetables (carrots, sliced red & orange bell peppers, for example) that have been kept in the fridge will help to cool you down, as well as provide nutrients. Fresh, seasonal produce is full of flavour and opting for lighter meals rather than heavy comfort dishes will help with digestion, energy levels and you’ll be able to avoid feeling bloated.
  • Take advantage of all the poolside invitations you’ll be getting 😉 You might not feel like stripping off, but a gentle swim will give you a much needed cool down, whilst supporting the weight of your bump. If the invitations aren’t quite flooding in (get it?) a cool bath or shower will do the trick and you will be safe in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Image Credit: http://bit.ly/1qH48B1

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