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Black Friday FP

The Mother of All sales – Black Friday staff picks

black friday cover

It’s the Mother of all sales and it’s only here for 24 hours. As experienced mums we only know too well how busy things get in the lead up to Christmas, so here’s our top picks on what to grab during our Black Friday sale. 

A sleep bra. When your milk comes in, you’ll want to wear something super soft and incredibly comfortable, as you’re going to be extremely tender. It’s best to stay clear of underwires for the first 6 weeks of nursing, but it’s also important to find a bra that offers all of this at night too. Our Seamless Sleep bra has easy lift up nursing access, offers great support and also has a double layer at the front to hold breast pads (and trust us, you’re going to want to wear them at night too!)

Seamless Sleep bra £25 Black Friday offer £17.50.


Nursing camisoles. These are so useful! They’re great to cover a new mum tum as well as providing easy nursing access. Go for something with an A frame, as this means you’ll have a bit more coverage whilst feeding in public. Our Seamless Nursing Cami has an in-built shelf bra to offer more support, or you can go for something a little more special like our Lace Trim cami, with easy side pull nursing access, (to tackle those 4am night feeds in style).

Seamless Nursing Cami £39 Black Friday offer £27.30

Lace Trim Cami £25 Black Friday offer £17.50.


It’s good to invest in some proper nursing tops, although these don’t necessarily have to be wrap-over. Choose a style that you actually like, as you’re going to be wearing it for quite a while (perhaps buy a couple in different colours so you have a few options). So many of our nightwear tops can also be worn in the day, and with our huge sale range on as well, today is the day to buy with some pieces going for up to 60% off!

Cloud 9 3/4 length sleeve nursing top £35 – £21 Black Friday offer £24.50 – £14.50

Button Nursing Top £35 Black Friday offer £24.50.


Get 30% off everything (including sale) by entering code BFS30 at checkout, 27/11/15 only.






ANU-Angel and Urchins_Angels & Urchins Winter 2015.pdf

Day to night time bras in Angels & Urchins

ANU-Angel and Urchins_Angels & Urchins Winter 2015.pdf

We’re thrilled to see not one but two of our nursing bra’s in this months Angels & Urchins magazine. Our new Allure nursing bra, £39 with removable flexi-wire offers great support if you’re looking for something a little more special. Our Organic Sleep bra, £29 offers great support at night too with easy pull to the side breastfeeding access in soft organic cotton (by bye hot flushes).

“A good nursing bra is essential for all new mums. The key is soft, flexible material, good material and easy nursing clips that can be unhooked on handed, and most important comfort.”

Both pieces are available on site now.


Dress like a mum post

Amoralia Review on Dress Like a Mum

Dress like a mum post

We loved Zoe of Dress Like a Mum blog’s review of our maternity and nursing bra range! Read more about what she thinks of our pieces, including our new Allure set here.

“I have been wondering for a long time now, why no one has considered that pregnant and nursing mums want to have beautiful, comfortable, sexy, practical and stylish underwear. 

Maternity and Nursing underwear feels like such an after thought for so many high street brands and as a result they have got it so wrong. Which is why it is great to see a company who is investing in research in this sector, who are really understanding what it means to be the woman wearing this underwear and therefore catering for it perfectly.

I am so happy to have discovered this brand.  The underwear is stunning and super comfortable, it’s clever and innovative and I will be wearing my bra long after i finish breastfeeding.” 

back to bed3

Back to bed! Snooze in style.

back to bed

Whether you’re a new or expecting mum, sleep is super important. Your body will be working over time in the last few months of your pregnancy and once your little bundle of joy comes into the world, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a full nights sleep for a while (yay!). That’s why we recommend snoozes and siestas where-ever and when-ever you can. But fear not! Our loungewear range is stylish enough to wear in the day, but snuggly enough to catch up on your 40 winks comfortably…

Our Zip nursing top, £35 is made from the softest material we could get our hands on and is available in aubergine, charcoal or dark denim. It offers no-fuss nursing access for quick and easy breastfeeding, whether you need it in the middle of the night or the middle of the day. Plus, every colour available teams easily with maternity jeans without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Wear with our seamless One + Only nursing bra, £29 for the ultimate in comfort – this new range is fully seamless (for super soft sleeps!) and our matching over-bump briefs, £19 are perfect for a growing bump or new-mum-tum.

Some new mums find the idea of jeans just a little too irritating, so why not try our Pj leggings, £35? you can take the stroller for a stroll and then take a kip on the sofa, all without the hassle of belts and buckles. And, if comfort is your number one priority, we strongly recommend our new Nursing tunic in charcoal. £35. Cut at a longer length with ruched pleats at the side, it’s perfect to see you through from pregnancy to nursing. Wear with our seamless nursing cami, £39 underneath for full support, without the under-wire. Suitable day to night it offers easy clip nursing access and 3 layers around the bust, to keep sneaky nursing pads at bay.

1: Zip nursing top, £35

2:One + Only nursing bra, £29 & over-bump briefs, £19

3: Sleep yoga Bra, £29

4: Pj leggings, £35

5: Second Skin Organic short, £18

6: Nursing tunic in charcoal, £35

7:  seamless nursing cami, £39


Mums&tots Sep15

Feature: Mums & Tots Monochrome

Mums&tots Sep15

It was great to see our Seamless One + Only range in the latest issue of Mums & Tots. The nursing bra £29, can be worn either with full coverage or, via a pull at the front, ruched in around the bust for when you want a little extra shape. Plastic clips offer easy nursing access for discreet breastfeeding and the strap adjusters have been moved the the front of the bra, for ease with mums ever changing shape.

The briefs £19, sit high to accommodate a growing bump or new-mum-tum, but can also be folded down to be worn low rise. Both pieces are super soft and can be worn throughout your pregnancy and into nursing and are available in a range of colours.


Do you need a nursing bra?

It goes without saying that we are a little biased when answering this question. So rather than answering it directly, as we wouldn’t dream of dictating to you what you “need”, we would rather take the opportunity to share with you why you might want a nursing bra.

Are nursing bras necessary?

There is an incredible amount of pressure heaped upon expectant mothers by companies to buy their products. We are mothers too, we know just how bombarded you get! But when it comes to nursing bras, we really do believe that our bras will offer countless benefits.

We have designed our nursing bras with one primary feature – comfort! It’s pretty hard to come by during your pregnancy, especially in the latter stages, and so we’ve tried our hardest to give you as much as possible.

They also make breastfeeding so much easier. With a regular bra or a sports bra you’d be faffing around, trying to juggle your boobs and screaming baby at the same time – pretty stressful! A nursing bra gives you easy access to your nipples for a feed. We have even designed the nursing clips on our nursing bras to be opened with just one hand, with the aim of making your life easier.

How do I measure my nursing bra size?

The easiest way to measure your nursing bra size (and trust us, we’ve done our fair share of fittings!) is to follow the tried and tested method over on our sizing page.

Don’t worry about getting a tape measure out just yet. All we need you to do initially is to answer some questions to find your correct nursing bra size.

What is the best way to measure my nursing bra size?

As with everything in life, everyone is a little a different and there is no best way to do this! So instead, we’ve put together a number of ways to find your perfect size.

If you are still a little unsure of what size to buy, it’s not a problem! We’re available over the phone and email to help you find the perfect nursing bra for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What should I buy; a maternity bra or a nursing bra?

One questions we’re asked time and again is whether you should buy a maternity bra or a nursing bra. It’s a good question as there is a little confusion as to whether or not they are the same thing.

The simple answer is that you should buy both. However, a maternity bra is designed for when you are pregnant and a nursing bra is for after you have given birth and feeding your new arrival.

Is there a difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

There are some very specific differences between each type of bra. We have designed our maternity bras to grow with your developing body and to be super comfortable – soft fabrics and plush linings are really important to us so your extra sensitive skin won’t get irritated.

Our nursing bras are also made with comfort in mind, as well as allowing easy access when feeding. In fact, we have designed our nursing bras so that you can use them one handed – great for when you’ve got a wriggling baby in your arms.

Is a maternity bra better than a nursing bra?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as they are designed for completely different stages of your journey. However, we would not recommend wearing a regular underwired bra when pregnant as you’re more likely to develop mastitis as your boobs grow. The advantage of a maternity bra is that it will adapt to your changing body throughout your pregnancy.

We have a fantastic range of both maternity bras and nursing bras available on our site. Please let us know if you have any further questions in the comments below.

What’s the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

It’s a question that we get asked all the time; what is the difference between a maternity bra and nursing bra? Although it’s one we get often, it’s still a really good question and you shouldn’t feel silly if you don’t know the answer! Hopefully you’ll understand it a bit more soon!

So, what comes first, a nursing bra or a maternity bra?

We think that this one is fairly self-explanatory (the clue is in the name!). We would recommend that a maternity bra is worn when you are pregnant and a nursing bra is for after you have given birth. This is mostly because both of these have their own special benefits and features.

A maternity bra is designed to support your breasts as they grow during your pregnancy. Often sensitive breasts are the first sign that you’re pregnant and a maternity bra will (if everything goes to plan) be much more comfortable than your normal one. Our maternity bras are designed to be extremely comfortable and to adapt to your changing body. They have wider straps and they do not have underwires, so that there is no added pressure on breast tissue which can cause painful mastitis. Our maternity bras also have 6 rows of hook & eye fastenings so that they are as flexible as you need them to be.

Now we can ask; what is the difference between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

A nursing bra (no prizes for guessing) has nursing clips! This is the main difference that you’ll need to remember when deciding what to buy. You can, however, still wear a nursing bra during your pregnancy.

Our nursing bras are designed to make breastfeeding easier and make you feel gorgeous. They have standard plastic clips that are easily unclipped for one-handed feeding. We think you’ll find this particularly helpful when baby is struggling in your arms!

Leaving enough room to grow in your maternity bra

When you are buying a maternity bra, you need to remember that your breasts are likely to go up from between one to two cup sizes through your pregnancy (this should settle down in your second trimester but you’ll need a bit of room before you give birth, when your milk starts to come in). Our best tip here is to make sure that you can fit your hand inside the cup, and make sure that you’re fitted on the last hook (if getting it fitted a couple of weeks before you give birth) If you are unsure of the size to buy, we have a handy sizing chart on all of our maternity bra product pages. You can take a look for yourself here.

How does a nursing bra work?

Today we’ll be taking a look at a question we get asked quite a bit – how does a nursing bra work?

To explain this, we need you to picture this: your baby needs feeding and is making you well aware of how hungry it is, think major waterworks. You’re holding it in one of your arms whilst trying to get one of boobs out with the other. With a regular bra, this would be incredibly difficult. You would be pulling down on the fabric, it would keep popping up and the baby would keep crying. Nightmare.

Our nursing bras are designed to make all of this a lot easier. We have included plastic clips and drop down cups that allow easy access to your nipples.

How do you use a nursing bra?

You use a nursing bra like any other bra for the vast majority of the time. The only difference is that when you come to give your baby a feed you can do this easily by unclipping the nursing clips and pulling the cup down. The inner sling will give your breast enough support whilst you’re feeding without putting too much pressure on the tissue. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to battle your bras as well!

We have now closed the site, but don’t worry, you can still get beautiful maternity & nursing lingerie at Cake Maternity. They make lovely products in a large range of sizes, which we’re sure you’ll also love. #lovethebodyyouarein