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Dress like a mum post

Amoralia Review on Dress Like a Mum

Dress like a mum post

We loved Zoe of Dress Like a Mum blog’s review of our maternity and nursing bra range! Read more about what she thinks of our pieces, including our new Allure set here.

“I have been wondering for a long time now, why no one has considered that pregnant and nursing mums want to have beautiful, comfortable, sexy, practical and stylish underwear. 

Maternity and Nursing underwear feels like such an after thought for so many high street brands and as a result they have got it so wrong. Which is why it is great to see a company who is investing in research in this sector, who are really understanding what it means to be the woman wearing this underwear and therefore catering for it perfectly.

I am so happy to have discovered this brand.  The underwear is stunning and super comfortable, it’s clever and innovative and I will be wearing my bra long after i finish breastfeeding.” 

Fashion London_Sept 2015

Fashion briefs in Fashion London…

Fashion London_Sept 2015

It’s great to see our briefs getting press coverage outside of the baby-press sphere, such as this feature in Fashion London! Our Cupcake and Luna briefs are cut and tailored to accommodate a growing bump or new-mum-tum, but (as you can see) go against the grain of usual frumpy maternity knickers. Both styles come in a range of colour and with matching nursing bras to keep you cool and coordinated.

Miroslava Duma

Look of the week: Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma

This week, we’ve dissected Miroslava Duma’s laidback chic.

Miro is the Russian beauty behind Buro247.ru, the ‘pioneering digital news platform, breaking international and regional news before anyone else’. Specialising in all things fashion & beauty, cultural and lifestyle centric, as well as fabulous events, the platform is soon to be released in the UK (you heard it here first!).

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty – our look of the week. Shall we start at the bottom and work our way out? Miro’s chilled out cami could easily be replaced with our Second Skin ruched nursing cami. With a build in nursing bra (including hook & eye closures at the back) our cami will also keep your belly or new-mum-tum covered.

The denim dress was a tough one but we think we found a beautiful substitute with this from Uniqlo. At £29.90 it’s not breaking the bank (leaving you some pennies for a beautiful nursing bra perhaps?) and has great nursing access with the button down detail. Roll those sleeves up and pair with a camel wool coat like the one above, which is from H&M.

Accessories wise, Miro has kept let colour do the talking. We used our artistic licence here and imagined Mimi Berry’s Eric bag in poppy slung over one shoulder. A simple black belt tied above your bump, like this one from Topshop, accentuates your bump and so makes your waist look smaller 😉 A statement necklace, in our humble opinions, is never out of place and Sveva’s white anemone crystal option is spectacular! A bit on the pricey side, but we think you’re worth it.

Shoe wise, we sort of winged it and went for Zara boots – ever reliable Zara!

Is there a super stylish pregnant woman in your life? Why not send in her picture (to info@amoralia.com) and we can make her our Look of the week!


How cool is Denise Van Outen?

We’re super impressed with Denise Van Outen’s outfit – she’s rockin’ all the trends  just 4 weeks before her baby girl is due! We’d be slobbing about in grubby tracky bottoms and orthopedic shoes, mainlining Ben & Jerrys. But she’s managing to combine slinky nautical stripes, statement jewelry, a transition parka AND lace tights (I mean wow, right?). Wonder what undies she’s wearing…

Find a similar dress at TopShop, a parka at Zara (a couple of nice styles in navy and olive spotted on my last lunchtime browse), lace tights at TightsPlease (roll the top under your bump) or if you’re not so brave, some 70 deniers at Mama-la-Mode. The high-street is full of All-Saints style boots (but we think it’s nicer to get the originals – we don’t like rip-offs!)

We have now closed the site, but don’t worry, you can still get beautiful maternity & nursing lingerie at Cake Maternity. They make lovely products in a large range of sizes, which we’re sure you’ll also love. #lovethebodyyouarein