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dress like a mum

Dress like a mum post

Amoralia Review on Dress Like a Mum

Dress like a mum post

We loved Zoe of Dress Like a Mum blog’s review of our maternity and nursing bra range! Read more about what she thinks of our pieces, including our new Allure set here.

“I have been wondering for a long time now, why no one has considered that pregnant and nursing mums want to have beautiful, comfortable, sexy, practical and stylish underwear. 

Maternity and Nursing underwear feels like such an after thought for so many high street brands and as a result they have got it so wrong. Which is why it is great to see a company who is investing in research in this sector, who are really understanding what it means to be the woman wearing this underwear and therefore catering for it perfectly.

I am so happy to have discovered this brand.  The underwear is stunning and super comfortable, it’s clever and innovative and I will be wearing my bra long after i finish breastfeeding.” 

We have now closed the site, but don’t worry, you can still get beautiful maternity & nursing lingerie at Cake Maternity. They make lovely products in a large range of sizes, which we’re sure you’ll also love. #lovethebodyyouarein