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hospital bag essentials

Hospital bag essentials

hospital bag essentials

Giving birth is the single most empowering and amazing thing your body will ever do. Preparing for the birth, both psychologically and physically (we’re big fans of hypnobirthing at Amoralia HQ) will help you to feel in control and confident, and will ease the journey into motherhood. Preparing your hospital bag can be an exciting moment (OMG, it’s really happening!), so here are our top hospital bag essentials for you (check out The Bump for the bits to bring for baby).

A nightdress is great for the early hours after you’ve given birth. You’re going to be feeling extremely tender down there, so it’s best to stay clear from pyjama bottoms. Our Seamless Nursing nightie and Basic Nursing Nightie both offer easy nursing access, are a dark (but flattering) colour and both made from super-soft fabrics. Team with luxe slippers and the matching robe to pad around the ward in style. Our Amoralia Mandy Cardi ties under the bust so won’t aggravate any tender areas. We find disposable breast pads such as these Lansinoh ones, are the best for the early days as they’re thin and very absorbent. You can always switch to re-usable once you get the hang of breastfeeding later at home.

Believe it or not, we don’t advise you spend too much money on knickers. For the first few days, it’s best to get something that you’re happy to chuck out afterwards. Full coverage and a high waist is best, as it will help you feel more secure and won’t rub any scars if you had a cesarean.

Stock up on sweets, glucose tablets and sports drinks – even if you don’t need it, chance are your OH will!

Maternity wards can be noisy and bright, and you’re going to be very tired (sorry for the reality check!). Catching up on sleep whenever possible is so important, so bring ear plugs and an eye mask. Some mums find they get dry lips because of the warm environment of maternity wards and stress of birth, so remember to take along a lip balm. Your nipples are also going to be very sore, so choose a nipple cream that is free of preservatives is breastfeeding friendly. Lansinoh offer a great nipple cream that has no taste or perfume, so doesnt need to be removed before nursing.

When you’re finally ready to leave the hospital don’t go for a pair of jeans. You’re still going to be very sore and aching all over, so choose some bottoms that won’t dig into your bump when you’re sitting down for the journey home. Our PJ leggings are catered to sit snuggly on a new-mum-tums and are super soft. Choose a nursing bra without a flexi-wire, to protect delicate breast tissue against mastitis – We love our Sleep Nursing bra, as it has no clasps and offers easy lift up nursing access. Team with our super comfortable Nursing Tunic as choosing something dark will be less forgiving for breastmilk stains. Take a scarf or pashmina to snuggle with in the car and stick to slip-on shoes, so you can kick them off as soon as you get in. Finally, have a rest at home with the best part of it all, your brand new baby.


1: Amoralia Seamless Nursing Nightie, £49

2: Amoralia Nursing Nightie, £40 and Amoralia Mandy Cardi. £35

3: Sleep Nursing bra £25

4: Amoralia Nursing Tunic, £35  and PJ leggings £35

5: Amazon Grey Pashmina, £25

6: Amoralia Second Skin Short, £15

7: Vans Slip on Trainers, £61


We have now closed the site, but don’t worry, you can still get beautiful maternity & nursing lingerie at Cake Maternity. They make lovely products in a large range of sizes, which we’re sure you’ll also love. #lovethebodyyouarein